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Urethane Casting Services

The urethane casting process is ideal for quickly producing high quality plastic parts without the cost of hard tooling. Neomek combines master craftsmen with the latest in 3D printing technologies to produce parts with unparalleled quality and speed. Upload your 3D CAD models using our RFQ Page to get a quote.

Urethane Casting Polyurethane casting is ideal for:

Urethane Casting Materials

Neomek produces parts with a wide range of material properties, including: flexible 15A to 90A Shore, semi-rigid 40D to 80D, and rigid fire rated and non-fire rated.


Neomek's model shop can produce parts with nearly any surface finish, color, and texture. Urethane Casting Materials

Neomek Chicago, Illinois serves the mid-west including Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Neomek Pittsburgh serves Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Michigan, and Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Ohio. Neomek also has resources in New York and the greater Boston area.
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