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Neomek is a unique company. We provide 3D SCANNING SERVICES, RTV molding, 3D printing, and 3D design, all under one roof. Our full-service capabilities brand us as the vendor of choice for hundreds of companies throughout the United States. Neomek utilizes all the latest technologies, making us an ideal partner for virtually any design or prototyping company. In addition to utilizing the latest technologies, Neomek employs top engineers and extremely talented craftsmen. Neomek is the best at what we do, because our people are the best at what they do.

RTV Molding

RTV molding is the preferred method for creating high-quality, low-volume parts that look and perform like injection molded parts. RTV molding is ideal when quantities from one to 500 parts are required. It bridges the gap between 3D printing and injection molding.

Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) molding, also known as silicone molding and urethene casting, is ideal for producing:

RTV molding lead times can be as little as three to seven days and typically costs less than plastic injection molding or machining.

3D Scanning Services

With over 15 years of experience, Neomek provides comprehensive 3D scanning services and support. We have hands-on experience with nearly every 3D scanning technology and software. We are capable of 3D scanning anything from a tooth to a 747 and specialize in reverse engineering and 3D part inspection.

3D scanning is the process of capturing the precise shape of real-world physical objects and creating precise 3D digital models. The resulting 3D digital models typically contain millions of high-accuracy XYZ measurement points. Since 3D laser scanning captures dense measurement data of entire parts opposed to discrete single point measurements, it is ideal for reverse engineering and part inspection. 3D scanners can measure nearly any object and are ideal for measuring complex geometry.

3D Scanning a Jet with a Creaform Metrascan

Neomek Chicago provide 3D scanning services and RTV molding primarily throughout the mid-west including Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Indianapolis, Indiana, St. Louis, Missouri, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Neomek Pittsburgh serves Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Michigan, and Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus, Ohio. Neomek also has resources in New York City and the greater Boston area.

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