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3D Scanning Workshop | Quad Cities

TECH Net Services LLC

TECH NET Services, LLC is hosting Neomek's 3D scanning workshop on March 5th and March 6th. Neomek, a long time provider of 3D scanning services, will be featuring discussions on reverse engineering, inspection, product design and rapid prototyping. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples which will be scanned free of charge. Engineers will also be available to answer application questions. Food and refreshments will be provided at each session.

The seminar is open to all attendees, providing valuable knowledge on 3D scanning technologies, services, usage and applications. Attendees will learn how 3D scanning can benefit their CAD/CAM, product design, quality control and rapid prototyping processes.

The event is free, however online registration is required.

Location and Date

TECH NET Services, LLC is hosting three sessions. All three sessions are identical and will cover all the same topics.

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TECH NET Services, LLC
2032 US Route 6, Unit 14
Coal Valley, IL 61240   View on Map

Dates and Time

Session 1: Tuesday, March 5, 12:30AM-3:30PM Session 2: Tuesday, March 5, 4:30PM-7:30PM Session 3: Wednesday, March 6, 9:00AM-12:00PM


Presentations will be given by top industry experts with over 15 years of 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and 3D inspection experience. The presentations will consist of live 3D scanning, software demonstrations, and lectures. Sculpture 3D Scanning
3D scan of aeroplane engine and propeller

Workshop Technologies

Several 3D scanning technologies will be discussed and demonstrated during the workshop. In addition to live demonstrations, presenter will discuss which technology is best suited for each application. These technologies include:
3D Scanning Workshop

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