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February 18, 2015   

3D Scanning One of Last Stuka Dive Bombers in Existence

Ideas to Reality by Neomek Neomek is scanning this German Junker Tropical Stuka at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Armed with a Surphaser, GoScan, Handyscan 700, two Range7's, and Aicon DPA, the Neomek team is tasked with scanning the entire aircraft inside and out. The plane has been temporarily moved to the floor inside the museum. During this time, Neomek is scanning the entire exterior, cockpit, engine, and a large number of individual parts that have been removed from the plane for scanning. The museum is having the Stuka scanned and documented for research and educational purposes.

German Junkers Ju-87R-2 Tropical Stuka, ca. 1941

This plane is one of two complete German Stuka dive bombers left in existence. The other is located at the Royal Air Force Museum in London. The Stuka was a highly accurate and lethal airborne weapon during World War II, bombing and destroying critical targets such as bridges, railroads, shipping lanes and tanks. The Stuka was designed to resemble a bird of prey. Sirens that screeched like a bird were bolted to the wheel covers, which only enhanced this plane's image as one of the most feared Axis weapons.

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Posted by Jim Clark

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