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Neomek is a leading prototyping and product
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Neomek Services by Industry

Neomek's technology and services are used by virtually every industry that has a need for design and manufacturing. With over 15 years of experience in rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, and engineering, Neomek's capabilities provide the competitive edge you need to get your products to market faster. Check out what Neomek can do for you.


Automotive 3D Scanning Services

Automotive Rapid Prototyping Services

Automotive Engineering Services

Automotive RTV Molding


Aerospace 3D Scanning Services

Aerospace Rapid Prototyping Services

Aerospace Engineering Services

Aerospace RTV Molding

Consumer Products

Consumer Product 3D Scanning Services

Consumer Product Rapid Prototyping Services

Consumer Design Services

Consumer Product RTV Molding


Medical 3D Scanning Services

Medical Rapid Prototyping Services

Medical Device Design Services

Medical RTV Molding


Industrial 3D Scanning Services

Industrial Rapid Prototyping Services

Industrial Engineering Services

Industrial RTV Molding


Entertainment 3D Scanning Services

Entertainment Rapid Prototyping Services

Entertainment Design Services

Entertainment RTV Molding

Legal 3D Scanning Services

Legal Rapid Prototyping Services

Art & Heritage

Art & Heritage 3D Scanning Services

Art & Heritage Rapid Prototyping Services

Art & Heritage RTV Molding


Architecture 3D Scanning Services

Architecture Rapid Prototyping Services

Architecture RTV Molding

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