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Neomek utilizes the latest in portable 3D scanning and measurement
technologies and the latest 3D scanning software.

Part Inspection Services

3D Part inspection with color deviation plotPart inspection using 3D laser scanning is a fast and comprehensive way to compare your as-built parts to ideal 3D CAD models. Opposed to traditional single-point measurement techniques, 3D scanning captures full surface detail providing clear and concise reporting of issues like warp, twist, and shrink. 3D scanning is the ideal for capturing complex and freeform shapes for inspection and quality control. 3D scanning has become one of the major types of inspection in manufacturing. Using a 3D scanner for part inspection is one of the best methods for first article inspection. Neomek's expertise with a wide variety of part inspection services gives you the ability to:
3D Scan of Aeroplane

Large Scale Metrology Services

3D Part inspection with color deviation plotNeomek specializes in mid and long range scanning as well as inspection and alignment services using laser trackers. With these tools, we can measure any large object from a car to an entire factory.

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